Liberate yourself from chronic pain

Is HFX™* right for you?

Painful back or legs?

You’re not alone. Around 8 million people in the UK experience chronic pain, which is a leading cause of disability.1,2

What is chronic pain?

Chronic (long-term) pain is common. When pain lasts beyond normal healing time after injury or illness (for more than 3 to 6 months), it is considered chronic.3

There’s now a drug-free option available for people living with chronic pain – high frequency spinal cord stimulation (SCS). Evidence shows that delivering mild electrical pulses to nerves can interrupt pain signals in the brain, thus reducing pain.

HFX™ is a comprehensive solution that includes a Senza® spinal cord stimulation system and support services for the treatment of chronic pain, offering a wide range of benefits:

  • HFX™ has demonstrated significant relief for both back and leg pain.4,5

  • You can try HFX™ in a trial and decide if it’s right for you.

  • HFX™ offers a wide range of frequencies and waveforms available to individualise your relief.

  • HFX™ isn’t addictive and doesn’t cloud your thoughts, cause drowsiness or constipation like pain medications can.6

How does HFX™ work?

Watch the video (2mins 22 seconds)

HFX™ is the most advanced spinal cord stimulator (SCS) available to treat the complex, dynamic and unique nature of your chronic pain.

HFX™ may not be suitable for you, so you should talk to your health professional about whether HFX™ may be suitable for you as part of your overall plan to manage chronic back and/or leg pain.

A surgical procedure is required in order to use this product. Like any surgical procedure, there may be risks involved. Speak with your health professional for more information.

Real patient experience

Dean’s story

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“It’s changed my life. If you want my little gizmo back, you’d have to fight me for it.” – Dean

After his accident, the tipping point for Dean was his youngest daughter noticing that other Daddy’s picked up their kids at nursery, and he didn’t.

Dean calls his HFX his “gizmo”. Hear the difference it’s made to Dean and his family’s lives.

Frequently asked questions

I’ve tried everything else. Why should I try this?
HFX™ has been proven to deliver significantly better and longer lasting pain relief from chronic back and leg pain than other SCS systems. It has also proven successful for people who have had surgery or tried other pain therapies.
How will my doctor know if it’s working?
You will be involved every step of the way, giving your doctor feedback and making sure HFX™ is programmed to meet your needs.
Is it safe?
Yes. HFX™ safely delivers stimulation that doesn’t interfere with normal sensory perception, cognitive abilities, or motor functions. It doesn’t interact with pain medications or require major surgery, and it is completely reversible. Information about who should not use HFX™, its side effects and risks is available here.
How long will the trial period last?
The trial typically lasts 1-4 weeks, depending on your doctor’s guidance and the need for adjustments to tailor HFX™ to you.
Are there any restrictions after the trial procedure?
Your doctor will tell you what you can and cannot do after the procedure. In general, the device and dressings must remain dry to avoid infection. To ensure the leads stay in the right place, you should not lift your arms above your shoulders or lift heavy objects. Please consult your doctor before engaging in any physical activity.
Will I feel the stimulation?
No. Unlike other spinal cord stimulation systems, HFX™ offer programmes that do not create a tingling sensation, known as paresthesia. You may have some procedural pain, but this should subside within 1 or 2 days.
Is HFX™ covered by the NHS or private healthcare insurance?
HFX™ is available to both NHS and private patients.
Can I have an MRI with HFX™?
Yes. HFX™ is conditionally approved for MRI scans. Please consult your treating physician before undergoing an MRI scan.

Is HFX™ right for you?